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Birth story photography

Birth is one of my most favorite things in the entire world. Our bodies are amazing and capturing this time, supporting this time, is truly such a blessing. I have photographed births all over Snohomish and King County. I also serve Island and Skagit County as well. I have captured births in just about every hospital and birth center in the area, as well as many homebirths. 

When you hire me for your birth I am here for YOU. I am on call the weeks leading up to your due date, and the weeks after your due date, because babies have their own schedule. For some births, I show up and within a couple hours baby is here. For some births, I am at the hospital for days with you. Whatever is needed of me, I am there. 

If I have a prior commitment, like a wedding, I will have at least three other professional photographers on call for you and I, so that your birth IS priority. 

My birth investment is $1400 -

What is included in this price is:

-planning and preparation of the birth. 

-consultation and birth photography planning.

-on-call in the weeks prior and after estimated due date.

-additional photographers on call.

-full digital album of the labor, birth, and moments after the birth. 

-usb drive of all edited images.

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