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Meet Lisa

"Lisa, I just finished viewing the rest of the wedding photos and I am so happy!! They are absolutely incredible and totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your great work!!! I will definitely be sending referrals your way. We are so happy right now. The photography of your wedding is so important and you really nailed it. Can’t thank you enough!!"

"Lisa was wonderful to work with. She was calm amongst all of the crazy at our wedding and knew exactly what to do to get the job done. She was light-hearted, funny (obviously talented) and captured some of the most incredible pictures of our wedding. I've only seen previews but am beyond excited to see the rest. We hope to continue using Lisa for all of our family photos to come and would HIGHLY recommend her."

The most common question people always ask me is "when did you start photography?" Well, I had disposable cameras on me at all times at a very young elementary age, and boxes of developed photos by the time I went into middle school. I took film and digital art in high school. Explored more photography and art opportunities in College, but even then I didn't know I would do this as a "job". It definitely chose me. I started my business in 2012 and never looked back. Photography tells a story words can not. It evokes emotions I didn't know existed. Give me all the passion projects. 

I grew up in the PNW and still reside here (just more north of Seattle). I love everything this beautiful place has to offer and never say no to spending time in our hidden wonders of the upperleft.

My ideal client wants to show me their raw and real, and trust me to capture their story in a way that they can feel it through the final images. It is a pleasure to turn on my camera, every single time. And I never take this life for granted. 




Places I have traveled for work/ or worked while traveling:

- The Big Island, Hawaii

- Maui, Hawaii

- Fort Worth, Texas

- Palm Springs, California

- Helena, Montana

-Flathead Lake, Montana

- Leavenworth, Washington

- Moses Lake, Washington

- Seaside, Oregon

- Las Vegas, Nevada

Awards and features:

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